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About us

We are pleased to present AGROGENIA S.L., dedicated especially to Biological Fertilization, a growing sector with a high potential at a global level.


It is known by all that world agriculture is moving towards a greater sustainable use of resources that translates into the reduction of chemicals and the improvement of practices aimed at soil conservation, where microbial life plays an essential role. This is where AGROGENIA S.L. centres its message with its slogan


  "Giving Life to the Soil", "Giving Life to the Soil is Giving Health to the Crops".


AGROGENIA S.L. is composed of a highly-qualified team formed by Agronomists and Agricultural Engineers experienced in various disciplines (Rural, Economics and Phytotechnic).It has an R + D + i department in constant communication with Public and Private Research Centres and in order to keep in constant knowledge, evolution and improvement of the manufactured consortiums, as well as the preparation of dossiers for culture based on official trials and experiences of clients, giving rise to a portfolio with star products such as Micorrizas (Endo, Ecto and Ericoides) and Mushroom and Bacteria Consortiums improved with specially selected Metabolic Extracts to enhance specific physiological actions.


With an experience of 10 years working with microorganisms and observing their behaviour in the field and in the most diverse crops, we have managed to find the combination that produces better synergies between them. This combination of Fungi, PGPR's and Metabolic Extracts translates into what we call FullSoil© Technology, which is integrated into various products according to the specific needs of each crop and that shape our portfolio, offering the agricultor the possibility of improving the soil at the microbiological level, with a short and medium term response on productivity and profitability, and all this in a completely natural way and within the framework of sustainable and ecological agriculture.


We are prepared to offer a response to the demands of our portfolio, both nationally and internationally, and with a clear objective of bringing our FullSoil® Technology to any corner of the world where the care of the soil is pursued without prejudice to the productivity and profitability of the crops. In AGROGENIA S.L., we want to be part of the new Green Revolution, the paradigm shift from the chemical to the biological, and we want them to be part of our project.


Some of the reputed Agronomic Scientific-Agronomic Research Centers with which we collaborate

Featured Products



Mycorrhizal Fungi of the genus Glomus intrarradices, specially indicated for crops of olive tree, almonds tree, vineyards, cereals and vegetables.



Organic matter with all the power of the rhizospheric microorganims



Biostimulant based on algae and amino acids, indicated for stress situations or to give an impulse to growth





Granuled Organic Fertilizer
6-7-7 + 50% O.M.
  Unique in the market

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