FullSoil® Technology

WHAT IS FullSoil®?


The result of 10 years of research in biological fertilization, which makes us pioneers in this segment, FullSoil® Technology is the result of a careful preparation of bioactivated organic matter to achieve the best results of the beneficial microbiological activity for crops. With FullSoil® Technology we obtain the synergies that improve the two essential pillars of a living soil; ORGANIC MATTER and MICROBIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY , with what we obtain; improvement in soil structure, increased water and nutrient absorption capacity, increased resistance of crops to biotic stress (pests and diseases) and better behavior against abiotic stresses (salinity, drought, extreme temperature, etc.) .


FullSoil® is a registered trademark of AGROGENIA®
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Dossier of FullSoil® Technology
The biological fertilization consists of the use of microorganisms to provide the necessary nutrients to the crops. With the dossier of FullSoil® Technology you can know how it works, the experiences and what products are implemented
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